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Design & Animation

Pre-Premiere was our chance to get fans excited about the new season. Our team focused on four main concepts: Tyra-isms (to share that Tyra was back as host of the show), Contestant Teases (to get fans guessing who the new contestants might be), Contestant Reveals (to share a sneak peak of the new contestants), and Countdowns (to highlight the judges and share tune in info).​

Our In-Season content, which was created each week for each episode focused on memes, quote cards, challenge winner frames, and more. The Animated Quote Cards were my favorite to produce. It was my chance to make these quotes “next level fierce.”

Contestant Teases
Contestant Reveals
In Season - Animated Quote Cards
Finale - Top Four 360 Video

For the Finale of ANTM, we wanted something that would let the fans look back at the Top 4’s journey on the show. We decided a 360 video would be the perfect way to do this. 


Knowing how difficult 360 videos can be to view, I decided to keep the bulk of the animation to the front half of the space and 

place the tune-in information in the back. I also added arrows to direct the viewer where to look. Each week’s photos were displayed so you could view all at once, then look closer at each image. I added elements nodding to each week’s theme and added subtle animations to keep the video alive. 


Client: VH1 (America's Next Top Model)

Agency: GLOW

Creative Director: Robert Lester

Art Director: Lindsey Cirmotich

Motion Designer: Lizzi Stuart

Designer: Natalie Dallenbach

Lead Strategist: Aaron Perez

Strategist: Zoe Greenblatt​

Project Manager: Erika Rohrssen

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