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Doctor Strange | Title Sequence


"Connecting to the film’s core symbolism and rich, abstract and mind-bending imagery, we designed a series of intricate mandalas, and animated them using repetition, symmetry and 3D visual mastery." - Sarofsky 

I worked on the design side of the Sarofsky team to create the mandalas. I pulled imagery from the film, sacred geometry and traditional Hindu and Buddhist mandalas. I created each one in Illustrator and then worked with Patrick Coleman, one of the awesome 3D guys, to translate the flat vector designs into Cinema 4D. 


Client: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios Executive Producers: Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso

Film Director: Scott Derrickson

Production Company: Sarofsky

Lead Creative: Erin Sarofsky

Executive Producer: Steven Anderson

Producer: Sam Clark

CG Supervisor: John Filipkowski

Visual Effects Supervisor: Matthew Crnich

Smoke Artist/CG Artist: Cory Davis

Senior Designer: Duarte Elvas

CG Artists: Andrez Aguayo, Brent Austin, Chris Beers, Patrick Coleman, Jon Jamison, Alex Kline, Zach Landua, Jeff McBride, Nathan Matsuda, Anthony Morrelle, Dan Tiffany

Smoke Assistant: Erik Uy

Designers: Josh Smiertka, Lizzi Stuart, Domico Watson, Tnaya Witmer

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