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The Good Time Girls | Title Sequence & Credits


I had the honor to work on the titles for The Good Time Girls while interning at Sarofsky. Knowing this short was a western, I was excited to work with woodcut and slab serif styles. We designed the title first and designed the credit font to compliment it.


For the title design, I started completely analog because I wanted to have more flexibility with the shapes I was making.​ After a few phases, I moved to the computer to vectorize the design.

For the end titles I designed a font named Clementine (after the main character). I started with a slab serif font. I cut notches in the corners and added diamonds to create a western feel. I added an ornamented capital version to use for the larger use-cases.


Executive Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky

Executive Producer: Steven Anderson

Creative Director: Patrick Coleman

Producer: Sam Clark

End Title Typography Design: Duarte Elvas, Madeline Miller, Lizzi Stuart

Main Title Typography Design: Erin Sarofsky, Madeline Miller, Lizzi Stuart

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