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Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Design & Animation

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is a weekly Netflix talk show that premiered in October 2018. Minhaj deep dives into political and pop culture topics with in-show graphics that feel like a concert. This custom stage allowed the graphics team to create bespoke graphics that go far beyond your average nightly talk show. 

I worked in house on the graphics team for Cycle One. I had a hand in creating many of the opening animations, background designs, and all kinds of graphics in between, including the pull quote template.

Check out full episodes here.

Graphics & Screens Departments (Cycle One)

Production Company: Art & Industry

Director: Richard A. Preuss


Creative Director: Michelle Higa Fox

Design Director: Jorge L. Peschiera

Head of Animation: Yussef Cole

Animators: Paris London Glickman, Brandon Sugiyama, Dorca Musseb, Ryan Mauskopf, Alex Pope, Lizzi Stuart, Tynesha Foreman, Apollo Baldoz

Additional Animation: Rachael Park, James Zanoni, Andrew Macfarlane, Elliot Blanchard, Shuhan Teoh

GFX Coordinator: Riaan Weyers

GFX Production Assistant: John Hughes

Pre-Visualization and Screens Supervisor: Jamie Van Dyke

Video/Screens Programmer: Greg Bloxham

Pre-Visualization Operator: Mikaela Baird

Systems Integration and Pre-Visualization Consultants: Rodd McLaughlin, Zak Haywood


Lighting/Production Designer: Marc Janowitz

LED Engineering: 510 Visuals

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