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Shopify | The Right Tools


From Mighty Oak: 

"Using the kinetic movement of split screens, stop motion, and live action, we created a conversation between our practical maker and digital UI worlds. All movement is silky smooth to emphasize the ease of using Shopify’s UI. To capture a real maker’s environment on set, we made sure the workspaces felt ‘lived in’, with supplies and inspiration that make this feel authentic and speak to the ‘tools’ of their craft, while keeping framing balanced and uncluttered."

Shopify's platform helps makers save time so they can do what they do best: make. I had the pleasure of working with the team at Mighty Oak to help these spots come to life. I was brought on as the UI animator. I worked with Sally Tran, the Creative Director, to figure out the design of the split screens and how to transition seamlessly from one maker to the next. I also worked closely with the editor and compositor, passing pieces back and forth, to get this smooth, seamless result.


Check out Mighty Oak's case study for a full list of credits.

Client: Shopify

Executive Producer: Emily Collins

Head of Production: Megan Barbour

Creative Director: Sally Tran

Senior Producer: Jennifer Vance

Executive Creative Director: Michaela Olsen

Producer: Kelsey Usher

Storyboards: Sabrina Chaney, Anthony Galante

UI Designer: Don Vencent Ortega

Lead Editor: Danilo Lima

Assistant Editor: Boris Ebzeev

Lead Animator: Lizzi Stuart Ignasher

Animator: Tynesha Foreman

Color: Alexia Salingaros

Sound Design/Audio Mix: Little Bear Audio

Composer: Zack Krainer

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