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Spotify for Brands | Social


One of my continuing clients at GLOW was Spotify for Brands. Our team worked on evergreen content, Upstream promotion, and event coverage. We worked with Spotify’s strict brand guidelines to create a look that felt engaging and fresh, but also conveyed important information.


Our evergreen content included quote cards from thought leaders within Spotify or statistics. With very text-heavy assets, it was important to choose words carefully and animate playfully.

Upstream is Spotify for Brands' podcast series that interviews the brands and creators that shape culture. We created a short sizzle for each new season and created animated quote cards from some of the best quotes.

We specifically covered CES and Cannes Lions for Spotify for Brands. Specifically for Instagram Stories, we created daily intro slates, photo recap videos, a takeover intro slate, poll backgrounds, and Q&A videos. Knowing that we would have one strategist on the ground for coverage, I also created templates that we could edit quickly. I created templates our strategist could add/edit to in-app and created guidelines for colors, fonts, and filters to use. This made the whole feed feel more intentional and cohesive. 


Client: Spotify for Brands

Agency: GLOW

Lead Strategist: Daniella Guernica

Community Manager: Zoe Greenblatt

Project Manager: Erika Rohrson

Creative Director: Robert Lester

Lead Designer/Animator: Lizzi Stuart

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