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tbs rebrand


At Trollback, I worked as animation lead on the tbs rebrand with Nadia Husain as Creative Director. While being know for “very funny” the brand needed to adjust tone and feeling to allow for a wider range of content. The three distinct color ways and logo styles gave us a lot to work with. We played with how the logo could stretch and snap, invert and revert, and live beyond its resting state in the logo.

We built a system to maintain the proportion of the logo shape. Instead of just scaling up the logo, we carefully designed how the logo shape would look at each point in the animation. We built a system for animating gradients that would allow us create in one color way and easily swap to another. The result is an incredibly unique and expressive brand package that works for comedies and beyond.

Foundational Elements

The three main elements in the rebrand are our three gradients, the resizing hex shape, and our fonts (GT Super Display for headlines and Maison Neue for body copy). The mood and tone of the brand change depending on which gradient, which solid (black or white), and which version of the logo (flare, frame, or fill) are used. There are infinite ways to mix and match to hit the right note for any show.

Motion Styles

A. Flare

Color ethereally washes on out of a blank frame. Good for comedic promos with a bright tone.

B. Frame

Border frame elegantly reveals from two ends as a shimmer of color highlights the Hex. Good for dramatic or elegant promos.

C. Fill - Editorial

Quick Jump cuts reveal the shape in different sizes and color combos. Very versitale, great for fast-paced promos.

D. Fill - Portal

Uses the Hex as a window to transition in & out of footage. Good for most types of promos, especially comedic or unscripted promos.

E. Fill - Prism

Quick Jump cuts reveal the shape in different sizes and color combos, along with extruded 3D looking shapes that eventually settle on the logo. Great for fast-paced promos that require some fun punch

tbs daytime bumps